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A lot of activities and leisure nearby, linked to the Guadeloupe nature: the sea, mountain, river, and mangroves. Rum distillery et discover the isles and other natural reserves.

- Diving, surfing, stand-up paddle, kite surfing, sailing, cruising, jet ski
- Mangrove visit, Caret Island, Gosier Isles…

The only 18-holes golf course in Guadeloupe of 3.7 miles in between coconut palm trees, sand bunkers, and small ponds. Technical and accessible, this course is available to expert players who want to challenge their techniques and to debutant players who want to learn.

Beautiful hikes on the Soufriere volcano and in the National Park.
Topo-guide FFRandonnee - Guadeloupe and the islands…
Soufrière :
Climb + tour: 5hour walk total. Very well indicated, easy.
Climb only: 3hour walk total
You can also go see the crater from the tank: at the bottom of the dome, before the climb, make a right on the paved road.
The big discover loop (4hour walk, this is a loop). The beginning is near the parking lot of the forest house of Matouba.

A lot of islets are easily accessible: Petite-Terre islet, Gosier islet, Fajou islet, Caret islet, The Biche islet, Blanc islet…
Catamaran cruises are planned.
You can also go there through: canoe, jet ski, kite-surf, paddle… all depend on your motivation and physical aptitudes.

- The Marina and all the restaurants and bars.

The Guadeloupe cuisine was highly influenced by the different cultures that succeeded the island: Native American, African, European, and Indian. This mixed cuisine is generous, simple but tasty and spicy most of the time!

The Carnival of Guadeloupe is a festive and cultural event that takes place in Guadeloupe for about two months, between Epiphany Sunday and the Ashes Sunday. The last day of the Carnival is highlighted by the death of Vaval, Carnival King. Highly associated to the local culture and Gwoka music, the Carnival of Guadeloupe is looking for a new symbolic and artistic expression. (
- Fédération Carnaval Guadeloupe :

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Massage à domicile

Massage détente et relaxation, Massage Sportif, Massage pour jambes lourdes, Reflexologie plantaire, massage Taïmo-lombaire,
Massage Shenzen…

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Une journée à Petite Terre - Départ de la Marina de Saint-François
Croisière en Catamaran

location de stand up Paddle et activités sur le lagon. Découvrez d'une toute autre manière nos superbes criques aux eaux turquoises. Inaccessibles autrement que par voies maritimes, ayez la sensation de glisser sur l'eau.