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A summary of places you can visit during your trip in Guadeloupe…
Bring your map and here is some information about the cities…

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- Caravelle beach, along the Club Med and
beach of the village
- Artisanal village
- Bois-Jolan beach
- Surf spot, kite-surf, beautiful lagoon, stand-up
- Multiple beach restaurants

Seaside resort: Marina, golf, casino, multiple restaurants and bars, aerodrome, daily artisanal market, port with cruises (Marie-Galante, Les Saintes, La Desirade, Ilet de Petite-Terre).
Beaches to discover:
- Raisins Clairs beach
- Gourde inlet
- Water inlet
- Mancenillier inlet (on the road of La Pointe des
(on the road of La Pointe Des Chateaux, about
0.2 miles of Mancenillier inlet, cute creek)
- Petite-Terre islets, accessible by boat from Saint-Francois
- La Pointe Des Chateaux (go up the cross)
- Coconut house (on the road of La Pointe Des

- Plage de l'Autre Bord.
- Autre Bord beach
- Moule surf spot
- Authentique city, bustling streets, shops and

- The Guadeloupe aquarium
- Village beach, Saint-Felix beach, Petit-Havre
- Casino
- The marina and bustled restaurants and bars
- Mangrove visit, Caret islet, Gosier islet…

- Grand Vigie coast
- La Porte d'Enfer. Don't forget to stop on the
road to see the cliffs.
- The Cliffs Trace (beautiful 10-hour roundtrip
hike if you go all the way to the end). Start
point: Porte d'Enfer. Start on the right side
of the lagoon (picnic area) until the end.
- Chappelle beach
- Anse Laborde beach

- Souffleur beach

- Botanical garden (Coluche's previous house)
- Grande-Anse beach
- La Perle beach
- Ferry Leroux beach

(also called "crossing road")
- Zoological mamelle's park et Forest House
- Ecrevisses waterfall
- La mamelle de Pigean (one-hour roundtrip

Numerous hikes on the National Guadeloupe

- First Carbet waterfall (4-hour roundtrip hike)
- Second Carbet waterfall (50-minute roundtrip
hike). The most visited of the three waterfalls
due to the short hike. Unfortunately, unlike
the others, you cannot come close the
waterfall and swim. Possible collapse. As the
first one, the starting point is at the place
known "Saint-Sauveur".
- The third Carbet waterfall (2-hour roundtrip
hike). The starting point is accessible at the
place known "Routhiers". In case of doubt, do
not hesitate to ask local people that you meet
and that will kindly help you. However, the
road is signalized. The waterfall is smaller
than the two others, but the deepness is
- Le Grand-Etang
- Roseau beach

- Blue basin, small hike. On a sunny day, nice
view of the Soufriere Volcano and
the tank at the beginning of the hike.
- Near the city hall, follow the "Palmiste"
signals, you will have to climb for about ten
minutes, when you are on the "Palmiste"
plateau, you will have a view of the
Soufriere and see a sign saying "Bassin
Bleu", the basin is about 30 minutes walking.

- Lezarde dive, hike (with a beautiful waterfall at
the end) where the departure point is at
"Vernou" (take about 50 minutes roundtrip).

- Trois Cornes waterfall, hike in humid tropical
forest, 5-hour roundtrip. The departure point
is located on the top of the city, a place
called "Sofaia".
- The Rum Museum, Severin Domaine
- Cluny beach

- Farmer's market, Delgres Fort, Vieux-Fort

- Acomat waterfall. Do not hesitate to ask the
locals your way to go there even though it is
pretty signalized.
- Petite Anse beach
- The Wood House
- Smugglers' track ( a7hour hike, roundtrip).
You do not have to do the whole hike and can
do a part of it.
- Belle-Hotesse Track (3-hour hike, roundtrip).

- Grande-Anse beach
- Archeological park of engrave stones
- Banana Museum
- Field docks to the Saintes